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HokkaidoHakodate Nanae Snow Park

Mountain Stats

943 m
698 m
245 m

Course Stats

4000 m
Max Slope
29 °

Resort Features

Ungroomed area
Kids park
Ski rental
Night ski
Summit Peak Bell
Hakodate Nanae's bell has been officially recognized as a Lover's sanctuary in Japan. Make sure you ring it together.
Observation Decks
Nanae has observation decks at the summit from where you can catch gerat views of the amazing surroundings.
Peak Cafe
The cafe at the summit has floor to ceiling glass windows and a terrace which lets you enjoy the amazing views.
Omakase Lunch
A chef recommended lunch set based on seasonal ingredients at the Peak Cafe. Reservations required.

Articles about Hakodate Nanae Snow Park

Solo Snow Trip Hokkaido Part 1 - Hakodate

User's Posts

Share your tips and best moments at Hakodate Nanae Snow Park!
vinceFebruary 6 24
Stunning day at Nanae ski resort. Everyone took ou…

Stunning day at Nanae ski resort. Everyone took out their phones for a snap.

Hakodate Nanae Snow Park
vinceFebruary 6 24
The katsu curry set at Sanroku Cafe in Hakodate Na…

The katsu curry set at Sanroku Cafe in Hakodate Nanae. This was pretty nice. It was made to oder. Had a bit of furikake on the rice and a larger portion of curry. The cafe had a very retro ski lodge diner vibe.

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Hakodate Nanae Snow Park

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