The snow city in Hokkaido’s heartland is the perfect base for exploring the powder belt.
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Asahikawa City, surrounded by majestic mountains in the heart of Hokkaido is a prime destination for skiers and snowboarders. Hokkaido’s second biggest city serves as the gateway to the iconic Daisetsuzan National Park and is home to Kamui Ski Links - known for it’s powder snow and Asahidake - the tallest mountain in Hokkaido with extensive terrain, and breathtaking scenery. Within distance to several resorts in the Hokkaido powder belt, you can experience the slopes and be back in the city to enjoy it's many restaurants and attractions.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Asahikawa

Asahikawa’s location in the center of NorthEastern Hokkaido and away from the coast, means that the snow here is dry and powdery. This quality is why the region is known as the Hokkaido Powder Belt.
The resorts here aren’t as big compared to Niseko and Furano which attracts less international visitors. You can look forward to uncrowded days, save for the days when local schools have their lessons.

Asahikawa Ski Resorts

Within the Taisetsu region there are a couple of resorts with Kamui Ski Links being the largest and most popular. Santa Present Park is so close to the city you can see the city lights during night skiing, while Pippu and Canmore are a short drive away. Further afield, internationally known Furano and Tomamu are within day trip distance. 
Experienced skiers and snowboarders have the vast backcountry of Daisetsuzan National Park to explore at Mt Asahidake and Mt Kurodake. You will meet groups of hardcore riders in Asahikawa waiting for the right conditions to make a trip to these mountains.

Kamui Ski Links
Kamui is the largest ski resort in the Taisetsu area spanning with wide runs for beginners and sanctioned side tree runs for advanced riders.
This resort has 2 ropeways giving you access to pristine backcountry terrain. Expert level and best with mountain guides.
Santa Present Park
Small local resort close to the city which is a good place for beginners to learn their turns. Enjoy views of the city when you night ski.
Pippu Ski Resort
Nice local resort with hot springs.

Kamui Ski Links

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Asahidake Ski Resort

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Pippu Ski Resort

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Canmore Ski Village

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Santa Present Park

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Furano Ski Resort

Vertical Drop
Longest Run

Tomamu Ski Resort

Vertical Drop
Longest Run
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Getting From Asahikawa to Resorts

One of the biggest draws about Asahikawa is the fact that you can easily make day trips out to different resorts. You can either hire a car and drive yourself or hop on a shuttle bus. There are buses servicing some resorts which pick up guests from hotels around the city. Taxis are also available, but may not have enough space for your gear.

Kamui Ski Links
Driving time: 30 mins
Shuttle bus from Asahikawa Station: 40 mins

Pippu Ski Resort
Driving time: 30 mins
Dohoku bus from Asahikawa Station: 40 mins  

Santa Present Park
Driving time: 15 mins
Dohoku bus 55 (Winter Season)

Canmore Ski Resort
Driving time: 30 mins
No shuttle buses

Driving time: 70 mins
Ideyu-go Bus: 90 mins

Driving: 70mins
Hokkaido Powder Belt Liner (Winter Season): 1 hr 30 mins

Driving: 2 hrs 10 mins
Hokkaido Powder Belt Liner (Winter Season): 3 hrs 45 mins


View travel times to Asahikawa resorts

What to Eat in Asahikawa

Asahikawa city has a vibrant food scene reflecting Hokkaido's rich agricultural and seafood. Shoyu ramen is an Asahikawa special, and there are a few top restaurants with their own signature recipe. Shinkoyaki and Shio Horumon are two standout items on the menus of izakayas in the city. Don't miss the chance to visit the local sake breweries, where tradition and craftsmanship produce some of Japan's finest sakes.

This dish of succulent grilled half cut chicken flavoured with salt or shoyu tare originates from Asahikawa and is one of the region’s local delicacies.
Shio Horumon
A popular Asahikawa dish of grilled offal seasoned with salt, which offers a unique and savoury culinary experience for adventurous food lovers.
Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen
The local ramen with it’s shoyu based broth, thin yellow noodles and signature pipping hot layer of oil has a unique rich flavour profile. The perfect comfort dish for Hokkaido's frosty climate.
It’s a local tradition to have these steamed meat filled buns on Steamed bun day, Jan 25th. In the past, this date was said to have recorded the lowest temperature (-40°c) in all of Hokkaido’s history.

Asahikawa Restaurants

You will find everything in this city from high-end kaiseki restaurants, small charming izakayas to humble ramen establishments. There are really good options in Furarito Alley - laneway with bars and restaurants, Harete village - a collection of modern bars and restaurants, and around the Sanroku entertainment district. Restaurants here are less crowded than in Sapporo, but with social media these days, the popular joints will get filled up quickly. 

Yoshiya Yakitori
Located in Furarito Bar Alley, Yoshiya is one of the best places to try Shinkoyaki and other yakitori dishes made with their secret tare recipe.
Shichifuku Bento
Eat like the locals do at this “choose your own” bento stall in Heiwa-dori where you can choose your own dishes.
Ramen Aoba
This famous shop has been serving bowls since 1947. Their signature broth is cooked with dried fish and pork bones giving it a delicious light taste.
Genghis Khan BBQ restaurant which is so popular there is a separate waiting room across the street. Succulent cuts of lamb and other meats served with their house tare sauce.
An Asahikawa’s establishment, Tenkin offers a kaiseki menu with a focus on quality seafood from Hokkaido prepared in various styles.
Ramen Hachiya
One of the best ramen shops serving Asahikawa style ramen topped with their signature burnt pork lard for extra punchy flavour.


skijayJanuary 25 24
Delectable grilled pork meal in Asahikawa (ginneko…

Delectable grilled pork meal in Asahikawa (ginneko) Came with OG tare (sauce)

vinceJanuary 26 24
This standing bar is just off Heiwa dori shopping …

This standing bar is just off Heiwa dori shopping street in Asahikawa. They have a wide selection of Japanese craft beers. You can choose from the menu over the bar and get a tasting paddle to try. The bartender is very helpful with recommendations. Also ordered a serve of monkfish liver pate and keema curry which were tasty and salty complimenting the cold beers perfectly. They were playing an 80s mix when we arrived which always means a fun time.

Beer House TONOTO

Things to do in Asahikawa

Even off the slopes, Asahikawa delivers with a unique charm that's especially vibrant in Winter. The city is famous for the Asahikawa Winter Festival, a spectacle that enchants visitors with colossal ice sculptures and stunning light displays. The Asahiyama Zoo has a Winter Night Zoo event where you can watch animals in their snowy habitats under the starlit sky. Being the second largest city in Hokkaido, there are lots of shopping and entertainment options.

Asahikawa Winter Festival
A smaller, more accessible winter festival with ice carvings, events, food and drink taking place on the first week of February every year.
Asahiyama Zoo
Close to the city, Asahiyama Zoo specializes in cold climate animals and is home to local wildlife like the Red Panda, Spotted Seals and Polar bears.
Asahikawa Ramen Village
A collection of 8 of Asahikawa’s top ramen shops located on the outskirts of the city. For the ramen nerds who must simply try every bowl in the city.
Heiwa Dori
Asahikawa’s pedestrian only shopping street extends from the JR station and is where you will find restaurants, karaoke bars, bars and shopping centers.

Where to Buy & Rent Ski & Snowboard Gear in Asahikawa

There are large multi sport outlets and smaller independent shops in the city where you can get skiing and snowboarding gear.

View all ski & snowboard shops in Asahikawa

Where to Stay in Asahikawa

Skiers and snowboarders are choosing Asahikawa as their base to access nearby resorts. The city offers diverse accommodations. Notably, Asahikawa ski resorts lack on-mountain accommodation.

View all hotels in Asahikawa

ski resorts

Asahidake Ski Resort

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