Aomori rewards powder seekers with the finest powder skiing in pristine natural surroundings and the chance to genuinely immerse yourself in the local culture.
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Aomori, situated at the northernmost tip of Japan's main island, is a hidden gem for Snow explorers in search of pristine powder and uncrowded slopes. The extreme temperatures of Northern Honshu and Aomori’s location on the coastline produces the clouds needed for snow. And the area receives bucket loads of snow with an average of 8m a year. Its isolation and relative undeveloped resorts means that its still not on the radar of most international travelers except for the most intrepid powder seekers. They come for the vast unspoilt natural landscapes, excellent off piste riding with hardly a soul around. For those looking to combine top-notch skiing with an authentic Japanese experience, Aomori is a destination par excellence.

Aomori Ski Resorts

Aomori offers a distinct skiing experience compared to other skiing destinations. The region's relative obscurity on the international ski circuit means fewer crowds. There are less international travelers allowing for deeper immersion in the local culture. Unlike the more commercialized and crowded ski resorts elsewhere, Aomori's ski areas like Hakkoda, emphasize off-piste terrains and tree skiing, giving skiers a more raw and untamed skiing experience. While Aomori Spring Resort offers well-groomed runs with opportunities for side country hits. Closer to the city there is Moya hills, a medium sized resort with good facilities and a shuttle bus.

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Where to Stay in Aomori

If you are planning on skiing Aomori Spring Resort, you can stay at the Rockwood hotel on mountain or shuttle in from Aomori city and Ajigawa Onsen. Hakkoda has lots of options at the base or nearby onsens for backcountry skiers.

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Where to Buy Ski & Snowboard Gear in Aomori

Aomori city has most of the ski, snowboard and outdoor shops. You can also find some in Goshogawara and Towada areas. If you are looking to rent its best to do it at the ski resort.

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Things To Do in Aomori

Beyond its ski appeal, Aomori captivates travelers with its rich cultural experiences. There are historic temples, traditional onsens. Aomori city has all the modern day conveniences, and Matsu Bay area has panoramic views of the harbor and seafood markets. 

Aomori is perhaps best known for the Nebuta festival - one of Japan’s biggest fire festivals which sees huge luminous floats of battling gods and demons, dancers and taiko players on parade in the city. The festival takes place in Summer, but you can still experience the sights and sounds at Michinoku Matsuriya show restaurant where performances are held daily.

Hakkoda Jyu-he
The alpine region of Mt Hakkoda can be accessed by ropeway for both skiers and non skiers. Here you can view the Japan’s famous Juhyo snow monsters - frozen tree formations..
Michinoku Matsuriya
A popular tourist show restaurant with daily performances based on the 4 festivals of the Aomori region
Nebuta Warasse Museum
Here you can view the gigantic Nebuta festival floats of the past year and learn about the history and significance of the festival
Hachinohe Port
On Aomori’s Eastern coastline and facing the Northern Pacific ocean is Hachinohe port. Locals and travellers come here for the hustle and bustle of the Tateyama Wharf morning market, the largest in Japan and the fresh seafood at Hasshoku Center indoor market.

Aomori Food

Surrounded by the pristine waters of the Sea of Japan and the Northern Pacific, together with the Mutsu bay, means Aomori gets a variety of the freshest seafood in Japan. The extremely cold Winter here is also the perfect time to indulge in steaming bowls of delicious niboshi ramen which are a local specialty.

Nokke Don
Unique to Aomori, Nokke don is a DIY Kaisenson style donburi where you choose fresh & cooked seafood for your donburi. Try it at the Aomori Gyosai center.
Oma Maguro
Oma - the port town on the northernmost tip of Honshu is famous for it’s bluefin tuna which is said to be bigger than elsewhere in Japan. Taste the difference in Aomori.
Niboshi Ramen
A specialty of the region, dried sardines are added and the resulting cloudy broth has an intense umami flavour. Get the thickest broth for the needed calories in Aomori temperatures
Jappa Jiru
A traditional and nutritious miso based soup cooked with vegetables and off cuts of cod that locals love.
For the freshest seafood head to the port city of Hachinohe on Aomori’s Eastern coastline where you will find the Hasshoku market, a vast marketplace with stalls selling the catch of the day. Every Sunday from mid March you can also check out the Japan’s largest morning market here.

Aomori Restaurants

Aomori Gyosai Centre
Also known as the Furukawa fish market, this is the place for Nokke don. Purchase your tickets and select the freshest seafood from the various stalls in the market.
Shichirin Mura
A DIY BBQ center in Hasshoku Center. Purchase your seafood and meat from the market stalls and bring them here to grill on a hibachi. You can also order drinks and other food.
One of the best places to try Aomori's famous niboshi fish flavoured thick broth soba.
Menya Koshin
Koshin serves up steaming bowls of chicken bone broth ramen. Known for it’s niboshi flavored tori paitan tsukemen.
Aji no Sapporo Onishi
Located in the Showadori shopping street, this shop serves a blend of Sapporo miso ramen with curry and milk, with a chunk of butter to smoothen out the flavours.


skijayDecember 18 23
Nothing like a spicy ramen on a great pow day! Thi…

Nothing like a spicy ramen on a great pow day! This was not as fiery as it looked… but still delicious

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