Best Japanese Ski Resorts for Kids Who Rip

Best Japanese Ski Resorts for Kids Who Rip

For Families With Little Skiers & Boarders.
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Guide to the best ski resorts in Japan for snow tripping families. We chose these resorts for the suitability of ski slopes for kids, availability of good ski schools and fun activities to keep the tribe entertained after a day on the slopes.


Tomamu is a great resort for families as they have lots of on-mountain activities for little rippers of all levels. The resort’s theme is a story based on a battle between the Nipo fairies and bad guy Chokkari. Resort workers and instructors are dressed up as giant fairy characters while the evil Chokkari can sometimes be seen skiing around. Little kids will dig it.

The Nipo chair is a kid friendly lift taking you up to the Adventure Mountain theme park. From there Nipo Town area is for beginner skiers while Chokkari Mountain has obstacle courses for little rippers. For first timers, Tomamu has a roped off beginners area serviced by a free magic carpet.

Nipo Ski / Snowboard School offers lessons for kids aged 3-6 years old and GAO Snow Academy has English speaking group and private lessons for older kids.


For non-skiers, GAO Nursery offers childcare services with an outdoor snowplay area. Hoshino resorts Tower has an indoor kids area with toys and books to keep non skiers entertained. While just outside is a little snow play and sledding area.

After a day of skiing, resort guests have free access to Mina Mina beach, one of the largest wave pools in Japan and the Ice Village where you can ice skate, enjoy the ice slide or check out the different igloos.


For families who want to take it easy, the Club Med Tomamu has full board options which includes lift tickets, lessons, meals and drinks.

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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Hoshino Resorts Risonaire

Club Med Tomamu

Appi Kogen


Appi Kogen in Iwate is well designed for families and the fact that they get a huge amount of snow is a great bonus.

Kids under 6 ski free at Appi which is great tiny rippers capable of keeping up with the family.

The Appi Happy Kids Snow School is ideal for first timers as there is an indoor friction mat where they can learn the basics without being out in the cold. Group lessons are available for kids 7 and over, while kids under 7 can have private lessons.

Beginners can also learn at the Appi Happy Snow Park where a snow escalator ferries kids up the slope. There is a learners area for beginner skiers & snowboarders. The snow park also has snow tubing, sledding and play equipment.

Child care services for ages 1-10 are available for non skiers at the Appi Plaza complex.

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Appi Grand Hotel

Appi Hills Shirakaba


Rusutsu is a good resort with modern facilities and lots for kids to do.

Rusutu’s kids activities are themed after Crayon Shin Chan - a popular anime character.

The Crayon Shin Chan ski school caters to kids 6 and under and has both an indoor and outdoor area. Older kids 7-14 can have group lessons with the Samurai Kids ski school.

There is a Crayon Shin Chan snow park which is free for kids under 3 with a long snow elevator taking kids to a dedicated area for snow tubing, triking and sledding.

Daycare & nursery facilities are available at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel.


Off the slope, Rusustu has a lots of activities for the whole family. Indoors there is Games World - huge arcade complex, a 2 storey carousel and 4D theatre. Active kids will like the bouldering gym and wave pool. In the evening, take a stroll along Stardust Avenue - a magical street with nighttime illuminations and snow sculptures.

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Rusutsu Resort Hotel

Westin Rusutsu

Kiroro Snow World

Kiroro snow resort is a favourite destination for families with suitable slopes for kids.

Kids under 6 ski free and there is a cheaper beginners lift ticket which lets you access the beginners lifts only.

The Annie Kids Ski Academy has their own ski village and dedicated learners ski area. They provide group ski & snowboard lessons which includes meals at the village and snow play times.


The Kiroro Snow Park has lots for kids to do including snow tubing, sledding and a little playground. There are also separate rides which you can purchase for including snow strider bikes for little kids, fat bikes, snow rafting and snowmobiling.

Indoors the Game Park Granship is an amusement park for the little ones with bouncy castles, ball pits, bouldering wall and a ride along race track. Kiroro Resort also has an indoor heated pool with a kids area.

Daycare services are available for kids aged 2-7 at Nature Center Grandship Child care.

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Kiroro Sheraton

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Rusutsu Ski Resort

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