Located in Central Hokkaido and part of the famed Hokkaido Powder Belt, Tomamu is a choice destination for skiers and snowboarders who want an all inclusive experience.
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Nestled in the heart of Hokkaido, Tomamu is the largest resort in the region. It was purpose built to harness the exceptional skiing potential of Mt. Tomamu. The hallmark of Tomamu's appeal is the snow - it's drier and more powdery than what you'll find along Hokkaido's Western coast, a quality that draws skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. The surroundings are amazing, and Tomamu is instantly recognisable by the iconic towers of the Hoshino hotel rising above the winter landscape. Tomamu doesn’t provide a village experience as such. Travellers come here for the easy ski in / ski out, modern resort infrastructure, luxury hotel facilities and the opportunity to lay tracks on some of the best powder snow in the world.

Tomamu Ski Resorts

Tomamu is part of the Hokkaido Powder Belt along with Asahidake, Furano, Kamui Ski Links and Sahoro. A region known for exceptional light powder snow due to the extreme temperatures and inland location. From Tomamu you can reach other resorts in the powder belt as they are somewhat connected by the Hokkaido Powder Belt Liner bus network. Powder chasers have the choice of day trips to visit other resorts or using the bus to connect their different stays. The liner also takes you to Asahikawa city, with Kamui Ski Links and a handful of smaller local ski areas a short hop away. 

Tomamu Ski Resort

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Furano Ski Resort

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Sahoro Ski Resort

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Where to Stay in Tomamu

Tomamu has 3 on mountain hotel complexes - the high end Hoshino Risonaire, mid range Hoshino Towers and all inclusive Club Med Tomamu. They are all ski in ski out with good facilities and offer free access to Mina Mina indoor pool and and Kirin No Yu onsen. Further out, there are a couple of small hotels and pensions within a short short drive from the resort at Kamitomamu village.

Where to Buy & Rent Ski / Snowboard Gear in Tomamu

You are well looked after for rental equipment in Tomamu. There are rental facilities in each of the hotel complexes and the main mountain center. If you need to purchase something, you can check out the Fullmarks shop in Hotalu street and the Fischer Base at the resort center.

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What to Eat in Tomamu

You are pretty much limited to the options on resort for your eating choices. Its a good thing there is a huge amount of choice.In hotel restaurants are large buffets designed to feed the hungry guests, though the quality is really exceptional compared to other resort buffets. The resort also has 2 outdoor areas - Foresta mall and Hotalu street - a mini outdoor eating / bar / shopping street to spread the patrons out.

When you are tired of resort food, check out Shinta in Kamitomamu for an authentic izakaya experience.

Soup Curry Garaku
Run by one of the most famous restaurants in Sapporo, the soup curry here is fantastic and you can customise with 5 levels of spiciness. Its one of the cheaper options in Tomamu (although expensive compare to urban locations), and fills up fast.
Restaurant HAL
Superb fine dining buffet with French / Japanese dishes made with local ingredients such as seafood, crab and steak.
Baristart Coffee
Get your caffeine hit from the Basristart pop up store at the Fischer Base rental store. They make an incredible cuppa.
Hiro Chan
Best snack on the mountain! Hirochan in the resort center serves up Hokkaido style Zangi fried chicken.

Things to do in Tomamu

As a self contained resort, visitors are limited to what the hotel offers for activities. Apres activities revolve around drinks at the lounge, soaking in the onsen, dinner at one of the restaurants. There are a few bars, but the emphasis is on winding down rather than up.

Unkai Terrace
Tomamu’s biggest draw is the Unkai terrace which is super popular with locals and tourists. Take the gondola up to access the bridge like structure where you can view Tomamu’s fantastic sea of clouds
Hotalu Street
A ski in / ski out shopping street with covered walkways and firepits where you can warm up. There is a selection of restaurants, cafes and shops.
Mina Mina Beach & Kirin No Yu
The large indoor wave pool at Mina Mina is great fun for the kids who can ride the waves on hired inflatables. You can also relax in the beautiful outdoor onsen taking in views of the surrounding forest while snowflakes fall all around.
Tomamu Ice Village
Explore the igloos where you can order some hot drinks and desserts. Adults can hit the Ice Bar for something stronger. There is also an ice rink where you can rent skates for a slide with your date and an ice chapel to seal the deal.

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