Hokkaido's Best Genghis Khan Barbecue

Hokkaido's Best Genghis Khan Barbecue

Make sure you try BBQ Genghis Khan style on your snow trip to Hokkaido
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Genghis Khan (Jingisukan) BBQ is a meal you simply must try in Hokkaido. Succulent slices of lamb cooked over a sizzling hotplate until juicy & tender is a firm favourite for snow trippers especially after a big day on the slopes.

Mongolian warriors of old were said to have used their helmets for cooking their food. Jingisukan (Genghis Khan) BBQs today are typified by a helmet shaped hotplate BBQ on which slices of mutton are grilled. People gather at the BBQ swapping stories, jokes & Arkhi (or sake) much like the Mongol warriors during breaks from conquering and warring. Although, it may not have its origins in Hokkaido, the BBQ is popular here as it's warming qualities are well suited to the region's icy winters.

There are lots of good restaurants in the major cities where they tend to be located near the red light districts. Maybe it has to do with the supposed libido enhancing properties of grilled lamb. You may find a couple at Hokkaido ski resorts and ski villages. Seek them out as an after ski session with your crew grilling up hot sizzling meat and downing icy Sapporo Classics is a memorable part of any snow trip.


Genghis Khan BBQ in Sapporo

In Sapporo you are truly spoilt for choice for quality restaurants. Genghis Khan is a firm favourite at the many beer gardens in Sapporo, perfectly complimenting the icy cold draughts of lager and care free atmosphere.

Daruma Honten

Daruma is one of the original BBQ restaurants in Sapporo serving patrons for over 60 years. The recipe is pretty much the same as when it first started. Why change it? when it is loved by everyone.


A very popular establishment in the Susukino district, Fukuroutei is known for mutton imported from Australia and their family recipe sauce. You should also do what the locals do, pour the sauce and broth over your rice to eat it like ochazuke.

Sapporo Beer Gardens

One of the best places to have Genghis Khan in Sapporo is at one of the buzzing beer gardens where juicy bites of lamb can be washed down with a mouthful of cold crisp beer. Sapporo Beer Garden, Kirin Beer Garden and Asahi’s Yoyotei are fun places for get togethers.

Wonderland Sapporo

On the outskirts of Sapporo, you can combine a snowmobile tour or snow play with an all you can eat Genghis Khan BBQ session. Your party gets to dine in a large snow mountain hut until you can eat no more.


Genghis Khan BBQ in Niseko

Niseko Loft Club

At Loft Club you get to grill your cuts over a charcoal fire hibachi. Order platters of succulent lamb, beef or Ezo deer accompanied with wine, beer and sake from their full bar. Loft has enough space for large groups to dine in.

Niseko Genghis Khan

Small, family run BBQ restaurant in the Annupuri area serving fresh, not frozen lamb. The cuts are cooked on a traditional griddle over charcoal fire. Taste the difference at this affordable restaurant. You can’t miss the unique dome shaped building.

Genghis Khan BBQ in Rusutsu

Lamp House

Lamp House is a yakiniku restaurant and part of the Rusutsu resort. They serve meat from Yotei sheep that is raised on their own farm. Enjoy the BBQ with the 3L kegs of beer available here.

Moku moku ya, Youtei & Yochan

Moku moku ya, Youtei and Yochan are 3 small izakayas located just outside the Rustsu resort center specializing in steaming hot nabes and Genghis Khan BBQ. They have a very cost effective all you can eat and drink menu. Many a party of skiers and boarders have had some of their best times during these all you eat and drink sessions. Although remembering those times could be tricky.

Daikokuya Ganghis Khan BBQ


Genghis Khan BBQ in Asahikawa


Daikokuya is one of the most popular restaurants in Asahikawa. Its so popular with tourists, they have a separate waiting room across the street. Various cuts of lamb are cooked over a smokey coal fire and dipped into their signature special sauce which gives each bite a mouthwatering tangy and salty flavour.


Along the same street as Daikokuya is Hitsujiya a smaller family run restaurant. Some say the BBQ here is just as good if not better than at the more popular place. One of the must tries is their sliced lamb tongue.

Taisetsu Beer House

At the Taisetsu Ji Beer house, you can sample the various craft beers made by this microbrewery with your grilled meat. Taisetsu brew their beer using underground water from the Daisetsuzan mountain ranges.

Genghis Khan BBQ in Furano


Genghis Khan restaurant near the Furano JR station which is loved by locals. Bonzoku has a unique approach to BBQ where the lamb is cooked sukiyaki style in a hotpot with broth, vegetables and tofu. You can also grill the lamb in the center of the pot.

Genghis Khan BBQ in Tomamu

Genghis Khan King

BBQ restaurant in Tomamu resort’s Foresta mall serving delicious cuts of lamb and venison cooked on a traditional cast iron griddle.



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